I've rebuilt fangmuseum.com!

In fact, THE DROPLET SITE has been unable to open since the second half of last year. At that time, the problem was that the ssl certificate expired, and my solution was procrastinated until 2021. Recently I decided to debug. As a result, I ran the VPS on ssh and found that the more bugs there were, the more bugs it debugged. What's going on? Oh, it turns out that centos6 has withdrawn from the stage of history.

The process of upgrading centos is very...indescribable. Because I thought it was a ssh problem at first, I wanted to reinstall ssh, but found that wget could not be used after uninstalling. Without ssh, ftp can't be used, and the backup was not sent back to the local before the system update, so I had to score twice and start from scratch again.

Redoing the entire station is time-consuming, depending on how the wave function of my brain collapses.

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